Karen Larisch

Deep Release & Stress Reduction

Karen can help you to search for the root cause of health issues and sometimes it comes to really looking at stress and emotions in your life. The beliefs you hold about yourself and the world, your emotions, your memories, and your habits all can influence mental and physical health.

The therapeutic SCIO device is a stress management system that measures electrophysiological reactions and patterns through a ‘harness’ of electro-magnetic electrodes attached to the head, ankles and wrists. Since biochemical processes are fundamentally electrical in nature, it can measure subtle stress responses, correlating them to thousands of health indicators, quantifying subtle imbalances, and locating precursors to disease, allergies and sensitivities and more with computer accuracy. These are then rebalanced to reduce stress and allowing your body to heal on it’s own.

Karen is very passionate about helping highly sensitive people, 1 in 5 are born with a biological difference that makes them more aware of subtleties, process information more deeply and more prone to stress and overwhelm, often ending up on the path of chronic and autoimmune disease.